Innovations in fast motion

coming soon Eco Power Pure
Unique UV module for heat-sensitive substrates
2012 Eco Dry
Newly developed Infrared / Hot Air unit. One unit includes the IR/HA segment and the supply unit with heat register, ventilator and controls. Each unit is compact and autonomous.
2012 Eco Power Clean
Effective powder extraction solutions for sheet-fed offset presses.
2008 EasyCure
Fast-starting UV system without shutter. Compact system for narrow formats and small machines
2008 HiLED
LED UV system as a pre-investment study in the 0B format (780 mm) presented on DRUPA 2008
2007 EcoDirect smart
Direkt Directly heated hot air nozzle for narrow and middle formats in the sheet fed offset. Compact and powerful
2005 TwinRay UV-Modul
Innovative UV module with UV but without infrared (cold UV) for UV curing on heat-sensitive substrates (film printing)
2004 LightGuide UV-Modul
Very efficient with high UV yield and low energy consumption. Quick exchange of reflector and lamp. Easy modification of the radiation profile
2003 EcoDirect
Directly heated hot air nozzle for middle and large formats in the sheet fed offset. Powerful and efficient
2002 WhiteCure UV for better curing of UV opaque white
2000 NitroJetinerted UV in sheet fed offset.
First installation worldwide for curing with low UV intensity, little temperature load and low-migration UV inks
1995 DichroSelect reflectors
Cold UV for heat-sensitive substrates
1992 NitroJet inerted UV for curing of silicones
1984 Cartridge IR and UV module technology for alternating operation