Effective powder extraction solutions for sheet-fed offset presses

Eco Power Clean

is an effective powder extraction and cleaning system that can be integrated into new and existing sheet-fed offset presses from various manufacturers. The use of spray powder is a well-established process in offset printing, in which only about a third actually lands on the printed sheets. The remaining powder is distributed throughout the machinery and press room, causing dirt and pollution. It also poses a health hazard to staff. Another result is increased cost of cleaning within the working environment and longer productions stoppages.

Powder Extraction

Powder extraction is achieved on two levels. First, the powder is extracted or diverted at various places of optimal airflow within the operational area. For example, powder is distributed by air displacement through the stacking of printed sheets. By using specially placed fans, it is possible to redirect these particles into the extraction hood. The entire system is designed to not interfere with the sheet transport or powder application processes. This is possible due to a second extraction method; an airflow-optimized extractor hood covering a large surface area. For these reasons, powder extraction can be combined with all powdering systems. The system is controlled by the central extraction control unit that is located in close proximity to the delivery. The automatically cleaned filters are also found here.

The SCIP-System

Powder deposits can be avoided or greatly reduced by using the self-cleaning system. Intelligently positioned cleaning jets detach powder deposits using compressed air pulses. The machinery is kept free from deposits and the printed material is protected from impurities during movement through the delivery and during stacking. The self-cleaning feature of the powder extraction system is fully automated and can be activated during suitable production or idle periods.

Gripper Cleaning

Gripper bars be effectively cleaned from powder deposits using our compressed air pulse unit which has been specially designed for use on gripper bars. As soon as the gripper assembly reaches the cleaning area at slow speed, the cleaning unit is automatically activated using a proximity switch. Thereby, even the smallest nooks and crannies can be cleaned. Removed and displaced powder is disposed of through the powder extraction system.

Main Features

  • Effective removal of excess powder from the operational area using a dual extraction system on two levels.
  • Zero disturbance to the sheet transport or powder application.
  • Self-cleaning system for the removal of powder deposits.
  • Automatic cleaning of the gripper bars.
  • Usable with sheet-fed offset presses from various manufacturers.
  • Can be used in combination with all powdering systems on the market.
  • Automatic filter cleaning

System Features

  • Multiple efficient extraction positions.
  • Self-cleaning system in operational areas.
  • Dual extraction system.
  • Automatic filter cleaner.


  • Precise and effective extraction.
  • No impairment to the powder applications.
  • Undisturbed sheet guiding mechanisms.
  • Fewer powder-related problems in operation areas and machinery.

Product information

Eco Power Clean