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Eco Power EPS

to run UV discharge lamps we use electronic power supply as standard. We are using two types of electronic power supply, the EPS 200 with a maximum power of 20kW and the EPS 340 with a maximum power of 34 kW



The square-wave power output of the EPS causes significant greater UV yield for the same electrical power compared to the sinusoidal power output of a conventional transformer/ choke ballast. Due to the standardization with the EPS we offer a stable operation of doped mercury lamps. The continuously variable power control of the EPS between 11 and 100 percent offers a reduction of energy consumption especially during standby and setup periods.


Because of the compact design of the EPS and the Plug&Play connections it is very simple to install the EPS into the cabinet. The replacement of the transformer/ choke ballast by EPS can be done very easy


The EPS was developed for UV discharge lamps. It is ideal for all almps with an acr length of up to 2030 mm. Further arc lengths on request. So the EPS can be used for all current printing press sizes.

Main Features

  • continuously variable power control, application dependent between 11% and 100%
  • integrated ignitor
  • improved lamp reignition compared to conventional technology
  • compact design
  • less weight compared to a conventional power supply
  • service-friendly due to pluggable connections 

System features

  • 34 kW maximum power
  • continuously variable power control
  • significant efficiency increase
  • improved reignition
  • longer lamp life


  • service-friendly
  • less space required/reduced footprint
  • reduction of production costs
  • good price/performance ratio

Product information

Eco Power EPS