High-performance UV array

Eco Power LED

is a high-performance UV array used to cure inkjet inks, varnishes, adhesives, sealants, and materials on temperature-sensitive substrates.


The typical lifetime of a UV LED is well above 20.000 hours*. LEDs can also be constantly switched on and off with no detrimental effects. The Eco Power LED is available in wavelengths of 365, 375, 385, 395, and 405 nm and can be adjusted therewith to suit specific process requirements. Furthermore, UV LEDs do not emit IR radiation, resulting in extremely low heat generation. Therefore, materials upon temperature-sensitive substrates can be effectively cured with a UV LED system. The variable wavelength feature ensures quick and reliable curing results. Each Eco Power LED unit consists of four segments which can be independently operated. The power supply and control of each segment is managed by a compact and specially designed control module.


Eco Power LED is unique due to its compact and lightweight construction. The system was designed as such to allow easier integration into systems with challenging installation limitations.

Special Features

LEDs are operational within milliseconds and require no warm-up or cool-down time. This allows for programming of time-controlled radiation cycles with the inclusion of operational standby time. The Process Flow Control (PLC) is capable of performing complex irradiation tasks without the need of an additional PLC. In addition, it is possible to format and adjust the system settings.


Eco Power LED is normally utilized for inkjet printing applications. However, this system is also an excellent solution for the curing of varnishes, adhesives and sealants.

Main Features

  • Driving and monitoring of a LED segment up to a max. electric power of 400 W
  • Monitoring of LED segments regarding short-circuit, interruption and excess temperature
  • Temperature compensation of LED power for homogeneous irradiation results
  • Registration of operating hours of LED- segments
  • Analogue dimming of the segments via a 0-10 V-signal
  • Digital PLC-interface (Emergency-stop, LED-on, LEDfailure, temperature warning)
  • All modules BUS-controlled via RS485
  • Zero warm up time - operational within milliseconds
  • Configurable system settings.
  • Ozone free.



Typical LED lifetime > 20.000 hours*
Illuminated Area 76 x 10 mm - Variable length in steps of 40 mm-Stufen
Dimensions in mm mm 86 x 20 x 50 max. length depending on application
Wavelengths 365, 375, 385, 395, 405 nm(+/- 10nm)
Cooling: External water cooling

* Dependent upon operating conditions and ambient temperature.

System features

  • High radiation performance.
  • Compact dimensions and lightweight.
  • Available lengths of 80 mm to 1,000 mm.
  • Zero infrared radiation.


  • Extremely low temperature stress.
  • Controllable settings.
  • Zero warm up time - operational within milliseconds.

Product information

Eco Power LED