The New Dimension in UV-Technology

Eco Power Twin

is Eltosch's innovative solution for curing UV inks and coatings on heat-sensitive substrates such as foils. The UV radiation for this unique system is generated by two powerful UV lamps and is reflected onto the substrate via a specialized central reflector, thereby prohibiting direct radiation exposure of the substrate. With this method, the amount of IR radiation reaching the substrate is significantly reduced.


In standby mode, the radiation is contained within the module by rotating the central reflector, effectively allowing the reflector to also function as a shutter. The dual-lamp system creates a UV output of up to 240 W/cm and ensures adequate power levels for even high-demand curing processes without damaging the substrate. Eco Power Twin is an effective solution to recognized problems in UV curing processes including registration issues, sheet distortion, and high pile temperatures.



The Eco Power Twin UV module is remarkably user-friendly. It can be opened, without tools, within seconds. Lamps and reflectors can be exchanged extremely rapidly due to Plug & Play connections and snap-style fasteners.

Special Features

Eco Power Twin comes standard with DiCure reflectors. In addition, the module is compatible with Eco Power Cure modules.


Eco Power Twin is a unique interdeck dryer system used almost exclusively for UV curing on heat-sensitive substrates

Main Features

  • High registration quality due to minimized substrate heat exposure.
  • Ideal for foil substrates.
  • Significantly decreased pile temperatures.
  • Reduced process heating.
  • Service-friendly with quick and easy replacement of reflectors and lamps.
  • High UV-output of up to 240 W/cm and a "Double Peak" intensity profile for excellent curing results.
  • Small, compact and flexible.
  • Capable of easy integration with Eco Power Cure modules in interdeck positions.
  • Proven effectiveness through world-wide use for a wide variety of printing presses.

System features

  • No direct radiation upon the substrate.
  • Two lamps per module.
  • Rotating reflector with dual shutter functionality.


  • Compact design.
  • Efficient curing of UV inks on heat-sensitive substrates.
  • Increased registration quality.
  • Low pile temperatures.

Product information

Eco Power Twin