tesa® UV Strip - UV Scan

The measuring of UV dose, curing degree and intensity is quite difficult in the production process regarding the accuracy of measurement and the comparability of the values. Effective measurements have to be carried out in complex laboratory tests. All suppliers in the UV market agree that every measurement (dose/intensity/curing degree) is only a reference value and that only repeated measurements can be used by the operator as an indicator for a change.

As it is the UV dose that is responsible for optimal curing results, we have developed - together with tesa® - a system measuring the UV dose, which can be easily used to monitor the UV curing system: tesa® UV Strip - UV Scan

The special measuring strips reacting in the UVC wavelength area achieve a measuring accuracy of at least ± 5 mJ/cm² and at most ± 15%, which is considerably inferior to the tolerances of comparable measuring strips. The strips are applied directly on the substrates and follow the production process according to a defined test program. The reading device displays immediately the UV dose. For easy monitoring and comparability the system includes a PC interface for reading out the data.


  • Improved quality control
  • Electronic monitoring through interface read-out
  • Easy handling for the user

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