IR/ HA dryer

With an IR/ HA dryer it is possible to dry water based varnish and, respectively, it is possible to process them.

Advantages of an IR/ HA dryer (use of water based varnish):

  • Higher scratch and rubbing resistance of the surface
  • Higher piles possible
  • Faster drying process, therefore faster forwarding to post press
  • Spray powder use could be reduced drastically
  • Low costs for water based varnish (approx. ¼ of printing varnish and  1/3 of UV varnish)
  • Dry varnish is odor free


IR/ HA dryers are a combination of infrared  lamps and hot air nozzles and allows printing of water based varnishes.

The combination of IR to heat up the varnish allows a penetration and, on the other hand, accelerates evaporation. The use of high volume of hot air together with high air temperatures allows for quick absorption of the evaporated water. High exhaust air volume lead  to a dependable exhaust of the evaporating water.

The control devices are selected in such a manner that a stepless and independent adjustment of hot air volume, hot air temperature, IR power, as well as, the exhaust volume is possible.

An automatic pile temperature control regulates the IR power to a preselected value set by the operator. This makes an accurate IR power output possible even over longer production runs.

IR/ HA dryer will always be integrated into the presses in close cooperation with the machine manufacturer. Therefore, it is possible even with high air volumes and thin printing material to achieve a good sheet travel.
IR/ HA dryer are used in a wide variety of processes.