UV curing systems

With Eltosch UV curing systems it is possible to handle UV curable materials.

Advantages of UV curing systems:

  • Immediate processing because of rapid curing
  • Normally, no use of spray powder
  • 100% system, solvent free (minimum shrinking)
  • Scratch resistant surface (UV varnish)
  • Highest gloss levels (UV varnish)
  • High resistance against most solvents
  • Use is independent of material (foil, aluminum coated paper, sheet metal etc.)


The equipment of the system is accordingly to the requirements of the customer. The modules are flexible in use and through their light weight construction easy to handle. All Eltosch UV curing systems featuring a maximum UV output with minimum impact on the printing press and the printing materials. This also shows through the "BG" certificate. Actual Eltosch drying equipment is certified for energy optimized drying. 

The development of the equipment is done in cooperation with the machine manufacturer to realize best integration into the printing press.

The UV systems could be adapted for a wide variety of process variations for different printing jobs which especially applies to sheetfed:

For opaque white printing jobs ,the use of a WhiteCure Inter deck dryer  results in better curing up to 30%. For heat sensitive materials, the use of a TwinRay UV  module is possible. The result is a heat load up to 40% less on the printing material and into the press than the standard.

The dryer could be built into different positions in sheetfed presses like end dryer, inter deck dryer, double coating unit dryer or above the perfecting unit. The total flexibility (TF) option gives the opportunity to insert the inter deck dryers freely between all print units.

Further options for quality improvement and increased production safety are cold air units between the printing units and in the delivery.